Program Goals and Success


Program Goals and Success which Align with the Core Competencies of the PA Profession.

Pace University-Lenox Hill Hospital-NYC Physician Assistant Program goals is to graduate PAs who demonstrate:

  • Core knowledge in biomedical and clinical sciences and to be able to apply this knowledge to clinical care (Medical Knowledge)
  • Interpersonal & communication skills that result in effective information exchange with patients’, families, professional associates and other individuals within the health care system (Interpersonal and Communication Skills)
  • Care that is effective, safe, high quality & equitable (Patient Care)
  • High level of responsibility, ethical practice, sensitivity to diverse population & adherence to legal & regulatory requirements (Professionalism)
  • The ability to assess, evaluate & improve patient care practices (Practice-Based Learning and Improvement)
  • An awareness and responsiveness to a larger system of health care, including balancing quality & cost while maintaining the primacy of the individual patient (System-Based Practice)