Asia Campbell, Class of 2021

Meet Our Students

It is inspiring to be able to apply what we learn from the classroom and to see its influence on the community.
Asia Campbell '21

CHP student, Asia Campbell is in Cohort 2 of the Nutrition and Dietetics Master’s program and will graduate in Summer 2021. A dedicated student and diligent worker, Asia is ready to pursue her career in nutrition and dietetics. She says that the hands-on skills and learning opportunities that Pace provides has helped her to advance her knowledge in this field of study.

Discussing how CHP helped her to  adapt to distance learning, Asia says, “Considering the uncertainty and constant regulation changes, our program coordinators did an awesome job in ensuring adequate opportunities for all 16 students of our Cohort by adjusting start dates, required hours, and staggering placement concentration areas. This is especially helpful for Clinical rotations in which completing in-person hours is crucial.” With Summer 2021 coming up, Asia cannot wait to finally reunite, in any format, with her class as a group for their summer course, “Foods and Nutrition of World Cultures.”

The switch to remote learning allowed students to adapt to a flexible schedule, and Asia felt  that the combination of zoom and in-person classes gave them the chance to participate in community and elective rotations, and provided opportunities for out-of-state and international placements.

 At the start of the program's summer Dietetic Internship placements, there were many schools, hospitals, and nursing homes that were not available. “Our program quickly adjusted and found adequate food service placements at locations such as restaurants, cafés, emergency food programs and even a local brewery. This just proved how broad the variety of areas where Registered Dietitian’s expertise can be utilized can be, ranging from recipe nutrition analysis to developing food safety protocols,” said Asia.

Asia also provided some insight into Pace University’s College of Health Professions Cooking with the Chef program. She was not only deeply involved in this program, but, as an Ossining High School Alumna, she also found it personally gratifying to have been a part of Pace’s partnership with the Ossining School District.

The Nutrition and Dietetics Program previously collaborated with Ossining School District during the 2020 spring emester, for its Saturdays Explore and Learn Program to create the “Cooking with the Chef Program.” The Cooking with the Chef program was implemented to provide nutrition education while increasing participation in the free breakfast supplied by Ossining’s School Lunch Program.

Reflecting on the pre COVID-19 experience Asia discussed the adjustments that the program had to make while working through the pandemic. Luckily, the Ossining School district was still able to participate in the program during the Fall 2021 semester by holding it outside for a shorter amount of time and with prepacked food for students to sample. Cooking with the Chef provided a fun and creative way for CHP students to make a positive and lasting nutritional impact for children and families.

“In our Nutrition through the Life Cycle class, we learned the significance of the involvement of children in their meal preparation and food choices. It is inspiring to be able to apply what we learn from the classroom and to see its influence on the community. As part of the combined Dietetic Internship, I am able to gain hands on experience, and I am looking forward to more awesome opportunities to come!”

Pace University’s College of Health Professions offers a variety of interactive programs that are beneficial to students' educational experience, as well as, to the community. Many students, like Asia, are able to use these hands-on experiences in the field to better advance their practice, research, and knowledge.